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Under the leadership of Mitch McDaniel, Head Coach of FACS Crusader Football, the football program has experienced tremendous growth. Beginning as early as fifth grade, student-athletes have the opportunity to discover their skills and talents for the sport that is driven by dedication and commitment to the team. At FACS, the coaching staff instill the value of "family" with every player, demanding excellence and a love not only for the game but for one another. 

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Coaching Staff

  • Mitch McDaniel, Head Coach 

  • Jeremy Moore, Running Backs Coach

  • David Wampler, Defensive Coordinator

  • Benedict Ibisi, Offensive Line Coach

  • Anthony Johnson, Defensive Backs Coach

  • Dee Alsbrook, Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback Coach

  • Caleb Copeland, Receivers Coach, Varsity/JV

  • Doug Abernathy, Head Coach, Junior High 

  • Mason Tubbs

  • Blake Geabhart

  • Kenny Anderson, Head Coach, Elementary 

  • Marshall Massie

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