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Individualized tutoring is offered for students who could benefit from additional instructional time. A tutor may be requested for any student whose parents/guardians and teacher(s) agree that one-on-one sessions are needed to achieve success. Tutoring may take place during the school day for those students who have study halls, or after school from 3:15-4:00 pm. Tutoring may be received on campus from a teacher or from an honors or highly recommended student. The Individualized Tutoring Program coordinator also maintains a referral list of qualified tutors who are available off-campus. 


On-campus tutoring sessions are 45 minutes in duration. Student tutors will receive $15 for each 45 minute session.  Teachers who tutor will receive $40 for each 45 minute session.  Off-campus tutors on the referral list may negotiate their fee with parents/guardians.


Regular contact will be maintained between the tutoring coordinator, teacher, and  parents/guardians to measure the effectiveness of the program for each child.  Academic success in a Christian environment remains the goal of this program. 

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