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Guidance and Library Services


Guidance and counseling services are available to students, grades SrK-12. At the elementary school level, students can receive personal counseling services to students and families as it relates to personal growth and development. Programs of emphasis for grades 7-8 include a focus on topics such as peer relationships and substance abuse prevention. High school students use The Jones Center for college and career exploration, college and scholarship application and personal counseling. 


It is not enough merely to meet academic benchmarks for college readiness. Real success demands an understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and abilities as well as such characteristics as tenacity, flexibility, experience in setting and achieving goals, and genuine respect for others. FACS counselors work with students individually and in groups to help students develop personally and academically so that they are prepared for college and for life.



Library programming is available to all students and provides the environment and resources to enrich, inspire and equip students to develop a love of reading and to become lifelong learners — all in accordance with our Biblical worldview. The library serves as an extension of the classroom, reinforcing the curriculum and vision of the school as a whole.

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