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Financial Aid

Offering supplemental support to families

FACS offers families the opportunity to seek financial support to cover school tuition and fees by completing an application through a third party organization.  This online application is open for any family to complete. Although completing an application does not guarantee your family will receive financial aid, applying is the first step in determining how the limited funds that are available may be distributed based on qualifications. 

Financial aid applications must be submitted through the online partner platform, FACTS, along with all of the required supplemental documentation. Families, new and returning, must submit their financial aid request application every year. Financial support is not guaranteed and is rewarded based on varying information including space availability, annual household income, and amount of aid available.

How to Apply

  1. Create your FACTS profile.  

  2. Submit financial aid application via FACTS platform with all accompanying documentation, including 1040 tax return for 2022, w-2 and/or 1099 for current year (2023).

  3. The FACS Business Office processes your completed application, once all other requirements are met (see important details below).

  4. The FACS Finance Committee will begin reviewing applications in February, starting with returning students first. 

  5. The Business Office notifies families of the amount awarded upon application review. All families will receive written communication regarding awarded aid after the processing is finalized and the review is complete.

Important Details

The deadline to submit financial aid requests is June 15 for returning families. No exceptions. Please note that there is a $40 application fee, payable to FACTS.  New students must be accepted to FACS before processing the completed financial aid application. For students who are re-enrolling, all account balances must be current and the re-enrollment fee paid before financial aid applications can be processed.


If you have questions regarding the financial aid application process, we are happy to help! Email or call Angie Kerby, Accounts Receivable, at 901.458.5543 or  

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