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Instrumental Music

Music does more than just make sounds, it changes the way we think and act. The skills your child will learn in music will help them be successful on the stage, in the classroom, and for the rest of their lives.


Students begin working with simple instruments in elementary music class twice every week. They also have the opportunity to perform for the family throughout the year. 



Beginning in the sixth grade, students may participate in band. No instrumental experience is required for this class. Sixth-grade band meets daily during a 45-minute block. Students learn basic musical elements using wind and percussion instruments and prepare for Intermediate Band.



Successful completion of one year of Beginner Band is required for this daily class. Students learn intermediate skills using wind and percussion instruments and prepare for High School Band.


HIGH SCHOOL BAND (Grades 8-12)

High school band is the flagship ensemble for FACS. Successful completion of Intermediate Band is required for this daily class. High school band students learn advanced technique and prepare for college. Percussionists receive specialized instruction in a dedicated percussion class. This ensemble participates in indoor and outdoor performance experiences in concert settings and at sporting events. As part of college preparation, students audition in group and solo competitions and participate in local, regional and state honor band opportunities.

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