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Student Support Services


(Grades 1-6)

Math Intervention Class | (3-6)

Math intervention classes are available to students in grades 3-6 who benefit from additional support in math. Replacing their class-wide math course, students thrive in a small setting with limited seating to 5 students per grade level. Criteria to enroll includes teacher recommendation, formative and summative assessment data, and approval from the elementary principal. Preference is given to students with specific diagnosed learning differences.


NILD Educational Therapy | (1-5)

A certified National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) Educational Therapist works regularly with students in grades 1-5 who have specific diagnosed learning differences.  Psychological evaluations are required for program participation. 


NILD Therapy goes beyond tutoring to address underlying issues that can cause a student to struggle and helps them improve necessary skills so they can flourish in all aspects of life. Research demonstrates that NILD therapy interventions permanently change the way a student perceives and processes or communicates information by addressing weak foundational issues. The Educational Therapist works one-on-one or in small groups with students for a total of 160 minutes per week. You can learn more about this national program.


Elementary Enrichment | (2-6)

Students who demonstrate advanced academic skills may qualify for enrichment course instruction. To appropriately identify, develop, and nurture individual academic high achievers, FACS elementary educators use a four-point criteria checklist that includes:

  1. IQ score and/or Otis-Lennon Ability scores

  2. Report card grades

  3. Work habit, effort, and conduct behaviors

  4. Teacher recommendations or other formative data, as needed


The enrichment program challenges students with lessons that incorporate logic and higher-order thinking skill activities, creative writing, elaboration, creative dramatics, topical units of study, problem-solving, group projects and field trips. Enrichment students meet weekly during regular school hours. 


(Grades 7-12)

Student support specialists, through the Jones Guidance Center, equip students with learning differences with the tools needed to own their academic journey, using a dual approach: 

  • Working with students and families to develop specialized accommodation plans that meet each individual's learning needs and 

  • Partnering with course instructors using the classroom inclusion model to integrate students into standard classroom settings.

To apply for the program, students must have a current psychological evaluation, completed within the last three years. 



One-to-one tutoring is a valuable asset to a student’s learning experience. Families may request this service at any point, which typically takes place during learning labs or immediately after school. This program is led by a dedicated coordinator from the Jones Guidance Center. 

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