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Support FACS

FACS teaches from a biblical worldview, one that is not taught at public schools or at secular private schools. Financial support for Christians educational institutions, such as a PreK-12 school, will absolutely impact the future of our community and our nation.


Support of Christian education, in addition to tuition, is critical. In whatever way you choose to give, we say thank you for your investment.




We are not an exclusive school with only wealthy families seeking a private school experience. We are a Christian school with partnering families of all socioeconomic levels who want to obey the command to bring children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.


Parents who choose Christian schools for their children often make large sacrifices to pay tuition for Christian education. At FACS, more than 30% of our students receive tuition assistance with another large percentage asking for tuition assistance. Support from generous donors helps provide quality education and facilities for students to learn and grow, no matter their families’ socioeconomic status.



Help promote excellence in instruction, facilities, curricula and technology.

  • Give online 

  • Give by check or cash 

  • Give through estate planning or with properties or securities 

  • Give through First Assembly Memphis 




Where Most Needed (general fund): Your donation will strengthen the ministry overall and support in areas that have the most immediate need.

Academic and STEAM Programming: (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Giving to this robust category, which includes the STEAM lab, advancing curriculum and materials that drive innovation and creativity, and providing appropriate technology to students, faculty and staff.

Athletics Programming: Athletics is an important part of the programming available to students at FACS. The school offers a variety of athletic programs for male and female student-athletes. Giving to this area will support ongoing programming and facilities.

Creative and Fine Arts Programming: Giving to this area helps promote and

support the creative and performing arts, including theater, band, and choir, in

addition to visual arts.

Tuition Assistance: Giving to this area helps alleviate the financial burden of tuition and fees some families experience. There are also a number of scholarships awarded to students based on both financial need and academic scholarship. Tuition assistance is awarded based on a vetted process that involves both a third party company and the school finance committee.

The Legacy Fund (endowment): The Legacy Fund was established by the Class of 2021, with a financial contribution made during graduation ceremonies. This fund is dedicated for Alumni giving.

Head of School Scholarship Fund: Established by Head of School Dr. Bryan Sanders, this fund helps support strong academic students who demonstrate a financial need that might otherwise prevent them from attending FACS.



The FACS Endowment Fund is an investment fund from which the school draws annual interest to meet some of its needs. Growing the principal amount in the endowment fund enables FACS to more easily:

  • improve facilities

  • attract and retain the best teachers

  • provide tuition assistance to families who want—but are unable to afford—Christian school 

  • keep tuition costs low 

While gifts to the Annual Fund Campaign meet specific current needs and therefore provide more immediately recognizable benefits, gifts to the Endowment Fund are vital for the long-term viability and success of the school. 



Our Legacy Tree, a beautiful permanent piece of art mounted inside the school entrance, is a great place to provide acknowledgement of gifts made in the amount of $1,000 or more. 


Honored individuals and/or families also receive a nice card notifying them that a gift was made in their honor or memory.

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