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Visual Art


Visual art is accomplished in the classroom during preschool. In addition to classroom projects, students in grades SrK-6 meet weekly with artist and support teacher Lori Cook. Elementary students explore various media and learn basic color theory.


SECONDARY (Grades 7-12)

Secondary students study under Ralph Norwood, during courses in Art I, II, III, IV offered as electives. 


Art I students learn basic drawing, work in watercolor and acrylic, complete a calligraphy unit, and explore art history.


Art II students advance their skills learned in Art I, keep a sketchbook, and are introduced to print-making and sculpture. 


Art III and IV students work in soapstone, develop block-printing skills, work on advanced-level independent projects, and build their portfolios. 


In addition to classroom work, students collaborate with FACS Theatre to produce scenery, playbills, and programs for productions. Some visual art students also opt to compete in various art contests announced throughout the year.

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