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The FACS Business Office is responsible for Accounts Receivable and Payable information for the school, including all tuition and fee payments. Please see the following information regarding:

  • Incidental Fees

  • Athletic Fees

  • Technology Fees

  • Payment Options

  • Due Dates and Late Fees

  • Discounts and how to calculate them 

Incidental Fees

There is a list of fees for specific courses, testing, Student Accommodation Plan (SAP), graduation, athletic, etc. that are outlined on the Tuition and Fee Schedule. The incidental fees are, in most cases, once a year fees, with the exception of returned check, late fees and convenience fees charged for credit/debit card payments. 

Athletic Fees

Standard athletic fees for participation on school-sponsored teams are $100 each, with the exception of football, which is $200 each. 

Technology Fees

Technology Fees are applicable for grades 7-12. The technology fee for each student is $250 for the academic year and applies to all 7-12 graders. This fee is to supply their laptop computers.

The fee is due by July 15 and may be paid online through PraxiSchool, the school tuition payment platform. The fee may also be paid via mail or through the school or business office. This will cover the use and maintenance of the laptops.  Click here for more information about the FACS Student Laptop Program and User Agreements. 

Payment Options

You may pay your bills to FACS in one of several ways. 

  • Bring in or mail your payment

  • Pay online via PraxiSchool, which is sometimes referred to as online bill pay

  • **PREFERRED METHOD** Pay online via PraxiSchool using recurring automatic drafts 

Bring in or mail your payment to 8650 Walnut Grove Road, Cordova, Tennessee 38018, attention: FACS Business Office. The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Cash Payment

  • Money Order

  • Cashier’s Check

  • Check (made payable to First Assembly Christian School)

  • Electronic Check Payment via your bank

  • Credit/Debit Card, which will incur a convenience fee

Online Bill Pay and Recurring Payments 

Online payments occur through the PraxiSchool FACS Parent Portal and are only applicable for student billing charges, such as tuition, after-school care, athletic, technology, lab, late, graduation and other miscellaneous fees that appear on your billing statement. Online payments can be made via debit or credit cards, with a convenience fee added automatically, or via an online check (no extra fee). 

Online bill pay is NOT used for lunch accounts, field trips, classroom supply fees, club memberships, fine arts or athletic camp fees beyond that of the standard fees, etc. If one of these fees is paid via PraxiSchool inadvertently, no refund is available due to processing procedures. 

Authorized Payer(s) are designated for every student account. The person(s) will have access to the FACS Parent Portal via a system-generated user ID and password (set by the payer). For login or access questions, please contact Carolyn Long at Only authorized payers will be able to view and make payments on accounts. 

Preferred Payment Method: Paying with a recurring payment from your checking or savings account is the preferred method of payment. Recurring payments, once your account information is established in PraxiSchool, will occur on the 1st or 15th of each month depending on your choice at time of account information set-up. Instructions to set up automatic recurring payments are available within the PraxiSchool FACS Parent Portal.

Due Dates and Late Fees

Tuition payments, other than recurring payments that are set up on the 15th of every month, are due on the 1st of each month, starting August 1 and ending May 1. A $45 late fee will be assessed on the 2nd of the month and an additional $30 late fee will be assessed on the 11th of the month, if the payment is not made by the 10th of the month. Also, regardless of payment method, if a check is returned for insufficient funds or a credit or debit card is rejected, there will be a $30 fee applied to the account. We have posted the latest Tuition Discount Chart on the FACS website and within FACS Connect. To determine your student’s monthly payment, you will take the amount of tuition for the year and divide it by 10 (the number of months in an academic school year). For example, 9-12 grade tuition is $11,677 divided by 10 equals $1,167.70, which is the monthly tuition payment. 


Advance payment of tuition will result in the following discounts applicable: 

  • 5% discount for tuition payment in full for the school year, due August 1

  • 2.5% discount for tuition payment by semester, due August 1 and January 1

Multiple child discounts apply as the following, an additional $100 off total tuition for every child enrolled after the first child ($100 off for second child, $200 off for third child, $300 off for fourth child, $400 off for fifth child).

A Military and First Responder discount in the amount of 5% is applied for child(ren) enrolled full-time. This includes military, law enforcement and first responders. 

A Referral Fee Discount is applied for every new student referred by a currently enrolled student and the referred student remains at FACS for at least one year and has an up to date tuition payment account. The referring family will receive a discount up to $1,000 (for full-pay students). Referral amount may be reduced for referral of students on tuition assistance. 

Customer Service: Angie Kerby, Accounts Receivable, is the best point of contact for questions regarding tuition and payment information. Contact Angie via phone at 901-458-5543 or via email at Office hours are typically the following (not taking into consideration vacation or holidays): Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. thru 4 p.m.

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