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Laptop Program

This page includes information, instructions and forms relevant to the 1:1 laptop program. Students will receive laptops at orientation provided they have paid technology fees, brought a well-padded laptop backpack with them to orientation, and submitted the FACS Laptop User Agreement/Student Responsible Use of Technology Agreement. Links to the agreements and online form are below.

Laptop Program Forms

Please visit your Parent Portal to digitally sign the FACS Technology Department Agreement Form and pay the technology fee.

FACS Family Zone: A New Resource Promoting Cyber Safety

With the rapid implementation of technology that supports virtual instruction, cyber safety and security has quickly become a trending topic for schools and families everywhere. FACS uses content filtering technology to help keep students safe while on school-issued devices, but we know that families need more support for the ever-evolving digital world. So we partnered with a cyber security company to to launch the FACS Family Zone.

Powered by Linewize, the FACS Family Zone serves as a resource for the latest tools, information and ongoing education about cyber safety. The mission of Family Zone Community is to empower school communities through the integration of technology and education to ensure future generations are cyber safe, savvy and healthy. Family Zone Community includes community engagement content, virtual classes, digital parenting course, and staff awareness training.

FACS Family Zone, powered by LineWize

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