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100 Days of School Elementary Celebration

On Friday, January 27, 2023, First Assembly Christian School elementary students celebrated 100 days of learning. A celebration of students' achievements during the academic school year, this is also a day that teachers, particularly in the lower grade levels, reinforce classroom learning - such as practicing skills in mathematics like counting and engaging in critical thinking.

100 Days of School Pep Rally

FACS Student Government Association (SGA) students in the secondary school hosted an elementary pep rally to celebrate 100 days of school - complete with fun games that all included 100 actions or items.

In addition to the fun at the pep rally, several grades honed in on more specific skills, such as:

  • Senior kindergarteners and first graders made posters and gathered collections of items totaling 100. They also dressed up as a 100-year-old and wore shirts with 100 items.

  • Third grade students are each going to lick a sucker 100 times and then work with manipulatives to make amounts of 100

  • Fifth graders participated in a money activity and team work that included finding fellow classmates to work various math problems that equaled to 100.

Students also engaged in critical thinking skills, asking themselves: "If I had $100, I would..." and brainstormed 100 things they have learned so far this year.

Connecting academics with the biblical worldview

At FACS, we know that our understanding, belief and love for the word of God shapes our worldview, even from a very young age. So here are some fun Bible facts that include the number 100!

  1. Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born.

  2. Shem (Noah's son) also became a father for the time...when he was 100.

  3. In the Book of Ezra, 100 priestly garments were given for the restoration of the temple.

  4. In Matthew 18, Jesus taught about a man who owed another man 100 silver coins but refused to forgive the debt. This is commonly called the parable of the unforgiving servant.

  5. King David had to kill 100 Philistines before marrying King Saul's if Goliath wasn't enough!

  6. Theologians believe that David wrote 100 of the 150 psalms.

  7. The Apostle John, the "beloved one," is believe to have died in approximately 100 A.D.

  8. In the parable of the Sower in Mark 4 and Matthew 13, Jesus taught that those who believe Him can produce spiritual "fruit" even 100 times what they received.

Instilling a lifelong love for learning

Why does FACS make such a big deal about 100 days of school? We want to celebrate with great joy the accomplishments of our students this far into the school year. We also believe that instilling a love and passion for learning is like planting seeds into the hearts of our students, seeds that will go into their futures and help them grow into lifelong learners.

100 Days of School Elementary Pep Rally Photo Gallery

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