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50 Fun Ways to Say 'Thank You' to an FACS Teacher

It's FACS Teacher Appreciation Week, April 24-28, at First Assembly Christian School! And the Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) team has a big week of celebration planned! We encourage you to find time to thank FACS teachers, administration and support staff throughout the week. Your gesture does not have to be extravagant. What matters most is that FACS teachers know how much they are truly loved.

Say Thank You. Show Gratitude.

As a Christian school, it's essential to show appreciation for our teachers who work tirelessly to provide a nurturing and learning environment for our children. Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to express our gratitude and thanks to these amazing individuals.

50 fun ways to say thank you

In honor of 50 years in education, here are 50 creative, fun ways for families to show appreciation to teachers at a Christian school.

  1. Pray for the teaching and administrative staff.

  2. Send a daily scripture verse or word of encouragement via text.

  3. Write a letter of appreciation to the school principal.

  4. Send a video message to the teacher.

  5. Make a homemade card.

  6. Offer to help with classroom projects or events.

  7. Create a classroom gift basket filled with supplies.

  8. Provide classroom snacks or treats.

  9. Offer to volunteer in the classroom.

  10. Make a donation to the school or classroom.

  11. Bring in flowers or a plant.

  12. Offer to tutor a struggling student.

  13. Send a heartfelt thank you note or email.

  14. Offer to chaperone field trips or school events.

  15. Make a classroom banner or poster.

  16. Decorate the teacher's classroom door or bulletin board.

  17. Organize a classroom cleanup day.

  18. Offer to read to the class or lead a class discussion.

  19. Provide a book for the classroom library.

  20. Offer to be a guest speaker in the classroom.

  21. Bring in a special treat, like a homemade dessert.

  22. Provide school supplies like pencils, pens, or paper.

  23. Make a personalized gift, like a photo album or scrapbook.

  24. Organize a fundraising event to raise funds for the school.

  25. Provide a gift card for a massage or spa treatment.

  26. Offer to be a substitute teacher.

  27. Make a class photo album.

  28. Provide a gift card for a family-friendly activity, like a movie theater or amusement park.

  29. Organize a thank-you card drive.

  30. Provide snacks or drinks for a teacher's meeting.

  31. Host a teacher appreciation dinner at your home.

  32. Offer to teach a skill or craft to the class.

  33. Make a personalized mug or water bottle.

  34. Offer to provide transportation for a school event.

  35. Provide a gift card for a music or book store.

  36. Create a special bulletin board display in the classroom.

  37. Offer to coach a school sports team.

  38. Provide a gift card for a grocery store or restaurant.

  39. Host a classroom book club.

  40. Host a classroom bible study.

  41. Organize a classroom volunteer day.

  42. Create a personalized gift basket.

  43. Provide a gift card for a teacher supply store.

  44. Organize a classroom clean-up day.

  45. Give a color-coordinated gift with all of the teacher's favorite colors.

  46. Present a "gratitude jar" full of notes to the teacher.

  47. Organize a service project in honor of a cause the teacher is passionate about.

  48. Provide a gift card to a Christian bookstore.

  49. Create a music playlist of uplifting music for the teacher to enjoy.

  50. Recommend an encouraging podcast.

There are many ways for families to show appreciation for the investment FACS teachers make in the lives of their students. These 50 fun and free ideas are a great way to start, but don't be afraid to get creative and come up with your own unique ways to show appreciation. Remember, a little bit of gratitude can go a long way in making our teachers feel valued and appreciated.

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