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Daejah Richmond Signs Letter of Intent

FACS student-athlete Daejah Richmond, class of 2023, signed her official national letter of intent on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, to play Division I basketball at Southeastern Missouri University.

Photo credit: Jake Pennington, FACS senior

Recognized for her athletic achievements

Heading into her final season as a high school student-athlete, Daejah is already recognized as one of the top point guards in Tennessee and holds multiple athletic accomplishments, including receiving all-district and all-region recognition in the previous 21-22 season. She is known to show out on the court, but above all she's proven to be a trustworthy and overall outstanding player in the game of basketball.

Photo credit: Michael Priest, avid FACS supporter

Accolades for her dependability and advanced athletic skill

About Daejah's performance on the court, Jeremy Moore, program sponsor and head coach of the FACS Lady Crusader varsity basketball team shared: "Daejah is a high-character player and outgoing young lady. She is a modern-day point guard (PG) who loves to play in transition and can finish at the rim from any angle. Her mid-range shot has been a big focus of development for her this season, which will help the team progression on so many levels. Above all, her willingness to trust teammates throughout the flow of the game gives her teammates around her the confidence to make the play when their name is called."

The 17-year-old has garnered the reputation as being the type of player who a coach can count on to walk into the gym with at least 20 points on the board. She consistently performs and is affectionately known as the heart of the team. Each time she's given the opportunity to maximize her leadership role, she steps up to display the toughness and desire to win, inspiring others around her to play up to her level.

Surrounded by family and friends

During her signing, Daejah was surrounded by FACS students and teammates, her coaches and trainers, loved ones and friends - all of whom came out to celebrate and support her on her big day.

What does this mean for the future of the FACS girls' basketball program?

With a growing program, Daejah's signing points to the future of girls' basketball at FACS. Multiple other female student-athletes at FACS are looking up to this success as a future personal goal of their own.

Coach Moore shared: "As a coach, my ultimate goal is to help as many students as possible get a better chance at life and grow closer to God because one day they will become wives and mothers. Whatever gets them to that next season in life, whether it is going to college on an academic or athletic scholarship, pursuing a type of trade or another path, I want them to know that anything is possible."

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Photo credit: Jake Pennington, FACS senior

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Photo credit: Michael Priest, avid FACS supporter

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