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Read Across America

At FACS, the excitement of Read Across America filled every corner as we celebrated all week long, challenging elementary students to “Level Up” and reach new reading goals! Monday kicked off with Super Sock Day, where students flaunted their fanciest and funkiest socks. Tuesday brought cozy vibes with Pause Pajama Day, inviting everyone to come to school in their comfiest sleepwear. Wednesday turned wacky with out-of-the-box outfits and crazy hairdos for Warp Zone Wacky Day. Thursday saw a sea of stylish hats as students embraced High Score Hat Day in style. Finally, Friday was a burst of creativity as students dressed up as characters from their favorite stories, bringing beloved story figures to life right before our eyes. 

Students in PreK-1st grade were challenged to read as many books as they could in one week to reach their class goal while 2nd-6th grade students were given the challenge of reading a certain number of words this week. Some classes met their goal so fast that they needed a second goal! As students worked toward their goals, they received a daily update on their progress, represented in a digital graphic with Mario and a flag that climbed higher as more words were read each day. Everyone was excited to check their progress in the morning! On Wednesday, Mario visited each class and delivered books related to our upcoming Butterfly and Friends Release. 

Other fun activities included a daily D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) time, library guest readers, and special classroom projects. A student and staff favorite of the week was the daily trivia question read over the PA system by senior David Baker. The winning class for each day received a prize from Dr. Farien! The excitement for reading united students from across campus when secondary students from Honors classes, athletic teams, the theatre department, band, choir, Book Club, and the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy took time out of their day to read with elementary students throughout the week. Dr. Farien told Ms. McDaniel that she has never seen kids so excited about reading, and she hopes the week sparked a lifelong love for reading in some of our students. It was a week filled with joy, imagination, and a celebration of the magic of reading!


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