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School and Parents Partner for Student Success

The annual FACS parent meeting, hosted on January 30, 2023, by the Jones Guidance Center, served as a vital event that brought families and administrators together for the future of FACS students. Discussions about future opportunities in course selection and a host of college and career representatives made the event well worth the time invested by all in attendance.

"We absolutely loved getting to meet with our FACS families, many who are new to the school," shared Jeannie Smeltser, Director of Guidance and event organizer. "As a Guidance Counselor and a mom of high school and college graduates, I understand firsthand the challenge of navigating the 'high school years' and the comfort that a parent experiences when they feel well informed for their child's future. We feel that the event served that purpose for the many there."

During the event, those in attendance were able to discuss questions and concerns over future course selection, become informed about standard ACT test practices, as well as learn important information about the college process, such as how to apply and identify quality scholarship opportunities. In attendance were 30 college and career representatives who also provided valuable information about each college represented.

Additionally, families were able to learn more about the new Rocket Drone technology that FACS plans to implement next year and about new science course offerings in Environmental Biology and Ecology. Representatives from University of Memphis shared the benefits of Dual Enrollment classes, including those that will be offered for the 2023-2024 school year. Seniors also participated in a special session, conducted by a representative from the University of Memphis who shared some great information on the transition into college and how to be successful as a college student.

Overall it was a great opportunity to build on the sense of community between school and home that will help students be best prepared for their futures. If you have questions or were not able to attend the meeting, contact Jeannie Smeltser, Director of Guidance, at


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